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Outenkun standing inside a's supposed to symbolize that all truth will be reflected in a cross, therefore the cross is Ouhen and the one inside is Outenkun. The poem on the background says: <sorry, this part was unreadable -Kyuu>

The text behind him means "In the garden sleeps a messenger" in Latin. The red lettering is my own personal alphabet taken from Greek. His shirt says "TICKLE THIS ELMO!" with an arrow pointing down. The wing is fake, it is strapped to him. 

Golden tulips mean "unrequited/hopeless love" in flower language, and Seed thinks his love with Camus is hopeless, therefor he holds the flower.

Outenkun's Hand...with this red chinese character next to it that he wrote with blood. I just wanted to try out drawing all his jewelry. The "blood" failed 'cuz the red paint turned out pinker than I thought.

Saw this one pic of Wu-kitty before and thought it was cute. Decided to take a try at it myself.

00Inkou(description by Kyuu)
He is a popular guy...and of course, we all know that Inkou sleeps naked. Those who didn't know - here's a great way to find out. As always, Youko knows how to draw beautiful bishies

00Gremio, 00Megumi, 00Scorpio(description by Kyuu)
Friends from Gensou Suikoden, by Youko. Very cute and distinctive styles

00Seedfly(description by Kyuu)
Kira's newest bishounen - Seed. Looks like he's had a rough night


1.) "In the Veil of the Virgin"

Seed in a church...with the statue of Virgin Mary behind him. Iíve always thought of Seed as a Catholic, so I put him in the church with the veil over his head depicting Maryís veil. The rosary heís wearing will usually show up in pics with him in it. I accidentally erased too fast before the ink dried, so thereís white-out on his can see it if you look close enough. The words in the back are the prayer "Hail Mary" (the main prayer of the Catholic religion). The prayer is written in my own alphabet (the black) and English (red). It reads:

Hail Mary, full of grace

The Lord is with thee

Blesseíd art thou amongst women

And blesseíd is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus

Holy Mary, Mother of God

Pray for us sinners


And at the time of our deaths,


2.) Seed reading

Just a doodle I did when I was bored, thinking of how Seed would look if he were to wear glasses to read. The kitten on his shoulder is supposed to be Kuro-chan, but apparently itís too small... Seed looks a bit evil here, doesnít he?

3.) "Picture Proof" (as in a photo to prove a evidence in court)

This is supposed to depict a rape of sorts. The title is to say that as much as Seed will try to deny the fact that Culgan raped him (in my doujinshi), thereís a photo to prove it. The bleeding wrists are actually stigmata, not suicidal attempts. Take a WILD stab at whatís coming out of his mouth...

Thereís a splotch that you can see above Seedís collarbone...that was done by his father. Seedís father had tried to kill Seed when he was little with a dagger that had a fire rune embedded into it (thatís why itís a splotch instead of a slash mark). You can also see the cross scar on his hand...

4.) "Brand"

This pic is just to illustrate the brand that Culgan left on Seed in my doujinshi. No one really knows what it looks like, but here it is. The brand was done with the crest on Culganís sword (he put a fire spell only on that part so that it wonít burn his own hand). I deliberately didnít draw Seedís eyes so that one can sort of feel the desolate and depressed emotion on his face.

5.) "Forsaken"

Iíve always thought that Seed is not only Catholic, but in a way, forsaken by God. This pic is sort of to depict that empty feeling... The feathers are to give it a feel like the angels have flown away, not bothering to help Seed. And their feathers are fading around him, not even willing to touch him.

I got this position from the April issue of Shineís "X" by CLAMP (though I hate CLAMP with a passion). But after I drew it, people keep telling me: "He looks like heís enjoying it." Then I found out that itís cuz his elbows are bending...itís giving him a really "relaxed" look...oh well.

6.) "Beauty in Mist"

Corny title, yeah I know. But the mist effect was done with a toothbrush and watercolor. I just basically wanted to see Seed in a kimono, of sorts. The flowers in the back...I donít know how to say their names in English, but roughly translated from Mandarin, it means: "Tea Flowers." When these flowers wilt, theyíll just PLOP and fall someoneís head when it gets chopped off. My mom couldnít stop shouting: "What is this guy doing?! That is such a sissy!! My god!! Pornography!" Oh well...

You can actually see Seedís brand and scar in this pic as well.

7.) "Rough K~Night"

This title can be thought of in two ways: "Rough Night" or "Rough Knight," as in a knight (namely Camus) did this to him. The position was taken from the fifth tankoban of "Yami no Matsuei." I just thought that Seed looked quite a lot like Asato in some ways... In this pic, you can see Seedís cross scar and his childhood scar... I liked how the cloth came out in here, though. ^^

The pic is to be held up side down on purpose.

8.) "Sacred"

A pic of Seed...with Camusí hand holding his head... The rosary in Seedís hand is from Camusí mother, who raised Seed (got the design from Yami no Matsuei). ^^ The splotch scar in this pic is unusually big... And I made it look like Seed is blind in one eye on purpose...cuz then it looks more even than it does (I canít draw eyes evenly). The crest on the back is from a tattoo design, and I wrote, in my own alphabet, "Hail Mary" two times in the design. The heart in thorns above the crest is the Sacred Heart, hence the title "Sacred."

Iíve always wondered that maybe Camus doesnít really love Seed...heís just using his emotions to for his own personal gain... But maybe not. Iím just evil in that sense.

9.) "To Bleed"

The stigmata influence strikes again. Seed has a stigmata wound on his wrist, as you can see. It is Camusí hand holding Seedís hand while Seed is holding his rosary as if itís a defensive shield from Camusí touch... I wanted to put Seed in a priestís garb, but itís a bit too I remodeled it with some Chinese knots. Heís also wearing the prayer veil again. ^^;;

The flowers in the back are the Aztec Lilies. I chose this flower cuz it was blood red...and the Aztecs were a clan of Mexican Indians who were quite violent, depending their luck on human
sacrifices to the gods. Thereís a saying that "Gods crave blood because they canít bleed." Seed is like a sacrifice to the gods, and his stigmata is to satisfy the godsí craving of blood.

10.) "Waiting"

What are they waiting for, exactly? Thatís for me to know and you to guess. ^^ You can all guess and email me your guesses. ^^

I got the position of this pic from a manga cover by Asami Tohjoh...cuz it looked too cool to pass by. I remodeled it a bit to fit Seed and Camus. Camus is wearing the pendant Seed gave him before he went to the Matilda Knights, and Seed is wearing his rosary.

I drew another version of this pic and gave it to a girl that was in my class once... That version was virtually the same save for the fact that Camus didnít have his hand on Seedís waist, his eyes were looking straight at you instead of at Seed, and Seed was holding a bouquet of roses instead of a beer can. And let me tell you this...Seed is not that tolerant of alcohol...heheheheh...

11.) "Lunacy"

The flowers in the back are "Spider Lilies," they were the hardest part of this pic above all else. ^^ I got the idea for this pic from a Quatre x Duo doujinshi I saw once. When I was drawing this pic, I was thinking about the whole Camus taking advantage of Seedís emotions issue. I thought about how Seed would feel....and I concluded that he would know, but would allow it to go on cuz he loves Camus so much, he would accept these feelings...even if they were fake.

In this pic, Seed has his "priest garb" on as well as his rosary and prayer veil on as if to disguise himself as clean though he is truly stained. Camus is wearing his Matilda Knights uniform, but he doesnít have his shoulder guards or his cape on. Itís to give him a more "fresh" look, not as stiff.

12.) Luc

...Just...Luc from Suikoden II. Luc does show up in Suikoden one, but I like his look in Suikoden II better. Got the idea for this pic from the Suikoden Complete Guide ($30!!!)

13.) "Mirror Mirror"

Gremio and Megumi (Hero of Suikoden I) from Suikoden. I got this picís position from a photo in the "Bazaar" fashion magazine. Itís supposed to be Gremio and Megumi against a mirror, hence the title.

14.) "Just an Illusion..."

Drew this nearly two years the fall of my ninth grade year. Itís supposed to be Cloud Strife and Zack from Final Fantasy VII. The position was taken from a really H shoujo manga. The reason why itís called "Just an Illusion..." is because of the fact that Zack is (spoiler!!) dead, and as much as Cloud wishes for this embrace to be real, itís an illusion, and heíll have to wake up eventually (thatís why heís crying as well). My sister kept on complaining how Zack was too big...way much bigger than Cloud...I guess so. ^^;;;

15.) Cloud

Just a doodle...I was actually attempting to draw the "Prince of Monsters," but ended up drawing Cloud. Heís supposed to be in the SOLDIERS truck. At first I wanted to put a cigarette in his hand, but my mom said that was too dirty.^^;;;

16.) "Happiness"

Seifer/Zell pic. I like that pairing a lot...they are really cute^^ Got the inspiration from the "Crushers" doujinshis and this one Taiwanese manga I saw where a girl was holding her boyfriend from her back. Iíve always thought that Seiferís got a nice smile.

17.) "Fantastic Crisis"

Leon Magnus from "Tales of Destiny." The wing and shirt on his was taken from a guy in the band "Fanatic Crisis," hence the title. ^^ I love Leon...

18.) "Dead End"

Sigurd Harcourt from Xenogears. Clio Saga and several Calvin Klein ads inspired this pic. The anatomy sucks, though.

19.) Inkou and Outenkun

Just thought that Inkouís expression here was wonderful. Heís not crying cuz Outenkunís touching him, though. Heís crying cuz Outenkun REFUSES TO EAT! (And Inkouís supposed to be Outenkunís food)

20.) Outenkun and Inkou

Just a part of my insanity streak. Outenkun looks...well...not too focused. And theyíre just not close enough...

21.) Outenkun putting a blanket around Inkou

Just that. Inkou wakes up naked (as he usually does cuz he SLEEPS naked), so Outenkun puts a blanket around him to prevent him from catching a cold.

22.) "Mine"

I at first intended for Outenkun to be kissing Inkouís neck, but it turned out that heís kissing Inkouís hair...ack. The marking on Inkouís chest is something that keeps him alive. Usually, when that marking is on someone, itíll suck away his energy, but on Inkou, itís taking the energy drained from others to put into Inkou.

Iím just thinking, though....wouldnít that HURT, Inkou?? Outenkunís holding you with ALL his jewelry on...look at that bracelet!

23.) Inkou

Apparently he didnít go to sleep on his own cuz heís got his clothes on. But I just wanted to go for that hair flowing everywhere effect as well as testing out how this shirt will look on him. The sleeves connect to the shirt itself.

24.) "Hands in Smoke"

The swirls took me around two hours to complete. Itís supposed to be smoke from Youjiís cigarette... The hands are supposed to be something like a nightmare or horrible memory that Youji had to suffer.

25.) "Reason"

Got the inspiration to this pic from "Evil Jack," "Kaine," and "Bronze." The necklace heís wearing was from "Kaine." This pic is sort of my depiction of why Youji looks the way he looks. The words in the back says:

"The reason why I grew my hair? To conceal my face!"

And no, the wire is NOT going through his hand...heís running his hand along the wire after a kill, sort of wiping the blood off... But why is he wearing white during a kill? I wondered that myself.

26.) "Empty View"

Aya with martini...looking through an empty window, bored with his photos. I got the inspiration to this pic from some pic I saw in CW8 where there was a girl and a CG background that looked like a windowís view without the frames to the window. So I decided to make it a window without a wall or a view to the outside, you donít know what Aya is really looking at...or what heís waiting for...

27.) Selurnis Evilaton

An original character from me. ^^ He was modeled after Hakuei from the Jrock band "Penicillin." I drew this on Halloween night...^^;; Heís supposed to be the child of an angel and a
human...thatís why heís got four wings. I really love drawing his hair, though.. The inspiration of this pic came from "Kaine" by Kaori Yuuki.

28.) "Infirmary Room"

Of course, the character "Selurnis Evilaton" is not all that normal...heís got another personality named "Olen Bilow," who has the intellect of a five-year-old. I just wanted to use the idea of a wing nailed on the wall I saw somewhere... And Iíve always drawn Olen in the room of an asylum with drawings all over the wall...

29.) Bust pic of Selurnis

Just...Selurnis...with a nice glare. The anatomy is horrible though.

30.) "Demonic Angel"

Selurnis with a serpent demon behind him. There is the burn mark of a cross on Selurnisí chest, which I got from the thought that demons and vampires get burned if a cross were put on them. Bart Fatima inspired the belt...and Lestat inspired the shirt.

31.) "Tale of Thirteen-Oíclock"

Position was from "Count Cain Series" by Kaori Yuuki where the pic was placed above a poem called "Tale of Thirteen-Oíclock."

This is an original character of mine (the most MISERABLE character Iíve ever created...if you lived even half of his life, youíd want to shoot yourself) named Mercutio Bilow. He is the son of Roulette Bilow, a fallen angel who used to be from one of the highest positions of the heavens. And he is also the brother of Selurnis Evilaton (same father, different mother), who wants him dead because Selurnis thinks that Mercutio was the main reason why his own mother died. So the hands that are holding the scissors belong to Selurnis.

32.) "Du Bist Kein Wunschkind"

The title is German for "Youíre a Child Who Shouldnít Have Been Born."

The pic is Selurnis and a female Mercutio (Mercutio has both male and female genders, itís his responsibility to bear the children of his clan). Mercutio was told his whole life that he shouldnít have been born, and Selurnis was told that if he werenít born, then his father wouldnít have become a fallen angel. I entered this pic to an art contest in CW8, but I lost. SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE IT OFF MY HANDS!!

33.) "Youji Bilow"

The son of Mercutio Bilow, whom Mercutio bore for 10 months... He is the product of a rape, to say the truth. The name "Youji" translates to "Sun Second," as in heís the second son (the first one that Mercutio had several years ago died). Youji is a person who is able to communicate with different types of animals and demons. He also specializes in genetic splicing of animals, so he created that little critter on his hand...

34.) "Butterfly=Insanity"

In Japanese myths, butterflies are the symbol of insanity. This pic is a pic of Fenrir, an original character of mine in the story "The Saint." Itís supposed to be a bookmark... The significance of the butterflies is because of the fact that Fenrir has "The Saint" inside him, which will put him into somewhat of an insanity mode when it surfaces.

35.) Fenrir

Outenkun inspired this pic and demon formed Youzen. The jewelry is copied from Outenkun (what, you really THOUGHT I could draw those freehand with my mind???), and the hands were inspired by Youzenís hands when heís a demon. Just that Fenrirís has four fingers and an eye on the back of the hand. With this pic, you can actually see that Fenrirís hair is short on one side and long on the other.

36.) The Saint

The Saint in his full form. The Saint is, by definition of "The Devilís Dictionary," a dead sinner edited and revised. In my story "The Saint," The Saint is an entity who is nearly as strong as God is, but was sealed into human bodies for generations. He managed to become strongest in his 99th reincarnation, which is his reincarnation as Fenrir. If he were to take over Fenrirís body, he would look like his original form, which is illustrated in this pic. The restraints will appear on him because those are spell-restraints, which were put onto his soul and cannot be taken off by himself.

(Yes, I know he has five fingers...this was drawn before I decided that he needed four...)

37.) "Berserker God"

This is Selfnir, Fenrirís older brother (same mother, different father) whom Fenrir was taken away from at nine years of age. Selfnir is a mix of god-human and demon, which gives him the horns on his head. He is tied to Fenrir by the necklace on his neck. They are tied together because Fenrir is The Saint, and Selfnir is the reincarnation of the Berserker God (usually Berserkers are possessed by the Berserker God, but Selfnir is THE GOD himself). The necklaces are supposed to level out their aura so that neither of them allows the sleeping soul inside out. But due to Fenrirís disappearance, Selfnirís other side surfaced and killed his whole village. Now Selfnir is wandering around, looking for the only person who can help him, Fenrir.

The wolf behind Seflnir is a wolf named Blue that Selfnir picked up when it was only a puppy. Blueís mother was killed accidentally by Selfnir (who was berserk), and so Selfnir is prepared that one day Blue will kill him for vengeance. Blue is able to transform from large to small (to let Selfnir ride around on him), and can also grow bat wings.

38.) Parashurama

Parashurama, also known as "Para-chan" in short. He is the childhood best friend of Fenrir and the bearer of the sword Huggin, the fire elemental sword in the Twins (Fenrir wields Munnin, the water elemental of the twins). Here, he is wearing Tenkaís clothing and smoking a cigarette while holding up a very subtle middle finger. His fly is unzipped, and you can actually see the name "Parashurama" printed on the underwear. The thing he is sitting on is a mallet (100kg).

The name Parashurama came from the Hindu mythical character of the same name, meaning "Axe-bearing Rama." But Para-chan has a mallet...^^;;; His name was at first just "Para-chan," for he was the mascot of Random Paradise (took the "Para" of Paradise to make this name).

39.) "Inorganic Shaman"

The Shaman of the High Order (the main religious order and government in the story "The Saint"), Luonnatar. To say the truth, she is a character created from a doodle. I wanted at first to just draw some woman with a bald head, a thick turtleneck and really fancy earphones that were supposed to be fused into her head. Then it turned to THIS. Can you believe it??

40.) "Quarter Dolls"

Anam Kara and Heimdall Gjall from "The Saint." These two are the last of the Norns, which are a race of shape-shifting, porcelain doll-looking people. The dress on Anam (the female) is from the early 1900ís (around 1912-1916), and Heimdallís suit is one of those "Sparrow Tailed" suits. These two were modeled after Mana (hence the name "Anam," itís Mana spelled backwards) and Gackt of Malice Mizer.

The dolls in the back are to signify the doll-like features their clan held. The dagger is sort of a dowry of sorts from their marriage, it is now in the possession of Heimdall.

41.) "Prince and Princess of the Dolls"

(Lame title, yes.) It was at first supposed to be Mana and Gackt, but I decided for it to be Anam and Heimdall. Heimdall was the Duke of the Norns before they were wiped out, and Anam was a common girl (common girls of the Norns were able to wear clothes like that as well). Heimdall met Anam by a river where she had a headless doll in her hand, and he invited her to go with him. Of course, by Anamís expression, you can tell sheís not too impressed (she didnít know who was in front of her face...)

The dress was taken from the many dresses that Mana wore before in the photobooks. The suit on Heimdall was also taken from Gackt. These two are the most visual of the whole "The Saint" storyline.

42.) "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty"

No real reference to the novel series by Anne Rice...and no real meaning in the two people in this pic. Just though that Anam is a real backstage hand...she knows exactly what is in Fenrir and what powers he holds, but she just drives him on in his quest for vengeance, not telling him anything. Fenrir is just left in the dark, as if heís asleep. So the title came from the fact that Anam is almost using Fenrir as a puppet, claiming him, the Sleeping Beauty, who knows nothing.

The butterfly, again, is the symbol of insanity. The red roses are to signify sin and soiled filth while the only one on Fenrir is white, symbolizing purity. Fenrirís one eye is closed to show that he is just waking up, not really knowing much yet. And yes, Anamís skin really is that pale.

43.) "To Be Your Companion..."

Thatís what the Mandarin Chinese characters say. This was an original character I created for a story that never went through. His name is Minami, and he is the reincarnation of a true Japanese historical character. In the Japanese history books, his name meant: "Companion," for he was the constant companion of Nobunaga (one of THE Nobunagaís sons). He was described as "fair skinned, and more beautiful than any girl." When his master, Nobunaga, was convicted of treason, he was forced to suicide by the Japanese ritual suicide. He was only 17, and he was so upset he said to his master, "I will see you there, Sire."

...And thatís the story. Iíll shut up now.

44.) "Vinyl Ward"

This is the first of a series of these "Vinyl Ward" advertisements. Itís a parody of the Volkswagen logo and motto ("Drivers Wanted."). The "Vinyl Ward" series is a series of "advertisements" of bishounen that are pictured very much like this with the motto saying: "Fuckers Wanted." (BTW, the phone number is fake. Donít call...itís not mine.)

Would you like to be one?

45.) "Spell-Bond"

Original character Rusalkas... Rusalkas, in the story of "The Saint," is a priest who died 13 months after being born. Tuoni, a person whoís a follower of the "Dark Religion" (as opposed to The High Order, which is a Holy Religion), brought him back to life. Now he is bound to Tuoni by a spell on his body. If Tuoni dies, so does Rusalkas. But Rusalkas is a priest of the church of The High Order, which is opposed to Tuoniís religion...

In the European myths, "Rusalkas" is actually a type of water demon born from the dead spirits of children and young women. They take the form of a youthful beautiful maiden, and they will sing songs to lure innocent passersby into a watery grave.

46.) "Execution"

In the story "The Saint," Fenrir is a wanted man by The High Order, who wants him dead due to the soul of The Saint inhabiting inside him. So this pic is to give it a execution look with Fenrir on a noose. It was inspired by a pic of Leon Magnus on a noose on the Rpgamer page.

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