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2003 remade full collection - 46 images


All works on this page are made by Youko Fujima. Additional descriptions by Kyuu. The author, Youko, may be contacted at

  In february 2003, while web site addresses were being upgraded, this gallery was completed to include all available artworks that were originally received in 2000. Since then, the author could not be contacted anymore, but the original agreement was to publish these all. As it seems unlikely to get a certain few details checked, I thought its best to just finalize this set as it is because, quite simply put, the artwork is amazing.

In addition to the picture sizes shown here, there are alternate HUGE versions available(with the exception of three pictures), which are not online due to bandwidth conservation. If the picture sizes available here aren't enough for your use, please contact me and we can arrange the larger versions to be available for your use.

The gallery software I'm using is simple and effective, but doesn't allow the possibility to use description texts for images. So - the descriptions are available behind one link, and the image galleries themselves are under another.

- Kyuu Eturautti,

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